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The international boundary in Derby Line, VT. Centre for Land Use Interpretation photo.


CdnTimes will publish letters from our American colleagues to hear what it’s like on the ground, now, for theatre artists working in the United States. Meanwhile, HowlRound will be publishing letters from Canadians about what’s affecting our work now. Artists from both countries share warnings, worries, strategies of resistance, generosity, and advocacy – messages of solidarity. What can we learn from each other?

Tanisha Taitt

Th​ought #12 - The Call​ ​Th​ere is a thorn in the wind There is a wall we must climb There is a storm rolling in It is the...

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 4: KEEPING THE FAITH

In this edition, we hear from writers who identify their own personal and particular darknesses and how they are working to move through that space. What keeps them going? The first article is from newly minted SpiderWebShow Performance Artistic Director, Michael Wheeler, who writes of the responsibility we all share to transform our cultural institutions into more equitable places.

Carmen Aguirre

https://soundcloud.com/spiderweb-show/carmen-aguirre-thought-10-violence Hi my name is Carmen Aguirre and this is my tenth thought. So my seat mate - the drone-maker, who also referred to Chile...
A close shot of Rosamund, looking directly at the lens.

Vitals: Episode 5 – the Interview

In this bonus episode, we interview the award-winning playwright behind Vitals, Rosamund Small. Rosamund speaks about her process as a writer, the genesis of...