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Old Stories in New Ways

We are two Canadian theatre artists working in Western Kenya in association with rural and urban community-based theatre, music, and dance performers. Some are...

Building Participation

Every couple years I get malaise. This has happened enough times that I recognize the pattern, coming as it does between finishing one creative...
Sarah Garton Stanley stands in front of a green screen, video monitor shows people gathered in the digital rehearsal hall.

CdnStudio Launches May 15 @ Theatre Centre

https://vimeo.com/215504407 Rehearse, Converse and Perform Online CdnStudio is an online ‘room’ that uses internet technology to bring collaborators from across Canada together. With a few key...

Talking Forward

So now I am left with the question – how do I as a theatre practitioner do a better job of lifting the audience out of darkly lit obscurity? How do I shine a light on them and include them in the blood-pumping experience of real human contact in a theatre space?
The international boundary in Derby Line, VT. Centre for Land Use Interpretation photo.


CdnTimes will publish letters from our American colleagues to hear what it’s like on the ground, now, for theatre artists working in the United States. Meanwhile, HowlRound will be publishing letters from Canadians about what’s affecting our work now. Artists from both countries share warnings, worries, strategies of resistance, generosity, and advocacy – messages of solidarity. What can we learn from each other?

Thought Residency: Tanisha Taitt

Th​ought #12 - The Call​ ​Th​ere is a thorn in the wind There is a wall we must climb There is a storm rolling in It is the...