Edition 4

Edition 4
Graffiti featuring Monopoly Man asking for taxes.

Theatrical Oligopoly

Stratford is focused on a Englishman from the 16th and 17th century. Shaw is focused on their namesake, his contemporaries and plays that occur within his lifetime. Soulpepper’s mandate is perform “modern classics”. These mandates, in the hands of the country's most powerful companies, keep the artistic resources of some of our best artists tied up in the work of writers who are predominantly men, predominantly white, predominantly dead.
Board Room Table

Briefing Notes for Hiring Committees

This may be just the first wave of some significant changeover in leadership. In the arts community, we talk about change a lot – and this is an opportunity for organizations to be transformed from the top down. Will some of these positions go to women and/or artists of colour and/or artists with disabilities?

No, seriously, who make up the 1% in the arts?

Michael: The problem is then governments turn around and are like, “we invested X # of dollars in the arts last year” but really it is circulating amongst a few players and it goes without saying it never trickles down to artists. Devon: I think our best option is a renewed focus on living artists / core creators. I am unsure about open inter-tribal warfare. Like what are the limits if we start fighting with each other for resources?