Edition 1

Edition 1

The Same Old Story

Robert Borden ran on a campaign of "A White Canada," directed against Aboriginals and Chinese immigrants in British Columbia. This campaign delivered every single federal seat in BC to the Conservatives, and Borden defeated Wilfred Laurier's federal Liberals in 1911.

The Great Canadian Showdown and the Bloodletting of Canadian Artists

I already fear that post-election moment when politics begin to re-retreat into the scenery of our lives, instead of continuing to occupy the central role they’re currently playing.

The Opportunity for Arts and Culture under a Trudeau Government

During the campaign, Justin Trudeau announced with fanfare in September that he would DOUBLE the Canada Council as part his campaign platform. If they keep this promise we could be looking at a much larger, completely redefined national arts funding organization in the matter of a few years. On a macro-level, in terms of reinvigorating and redefining Canadian culture, it is a once in a generation opportunity.