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Frank Hull

Frank Hull is an established, professional artist who proudly lives with cerebral palsy and madness, embraces his Mi'kmaq heritage, and celebrates his gay identity. Originally a choir vocalist, over the past fifteen years Hull has distinguished himself as one of Canada's most prominent power wheelchair choreographers and dancers. He more recently expanded his repertoire to include live and digital performance. Hull's artistic practice is multidisciplinary, consisting of varied, vibrant works in dance, theatre, music and media arts. His artistic vision is to reveal the impacts of trauma and oppression on the body while positioning "deviant" bodies as a source of aesthetic appreciation, beauty and enrichment. Hull's dance works have been presented several times at ART WITH ATTITUDE (Toronto). His most recent work includes contributing a commissioned digital narrative, OCCUPY THIS, to Stage Left Production's national co-creation, HIGH ART: DRUGS, DISABILITY AND DASTARDLY DEEDS. He's now expanding his performance repertoire into physical theatre, in Stage Left's upcoming QueerCrip production, HOMO/EROTIC.

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