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    Unknown Theatre


    Hello Viewer,

    Thank you for exploring the SpiderWebShow.

    We see the SpiderWebShow.ca as a space where theatre minds can intersect with technology, in particular: the internet.

    By exploring the site, you can see what sort of experiments we’ve been up to: podcasts, twitter theatre, sonic postcards and so on.

    Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at one of these forms. Or perhaps your hand is reaching out for a different form altogether. Perhaps you have an idea for a project that could live on this site.

    We can offer you:

    • space on the website in the Experiments section
    • time with our web designer / digital dramaturg to manifest your idea
    • time (if you want it) with the three of us
    • dissemination through our social media channels

    Send your proposals, questions and comments to thespiderwebshow[at]gmail[dot]com, attention Adrienne Wong

    Thanks again,
    Sarah, Michael and Adrienne



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