Tableau Portrait : The Shape of a Girl

    Tableau Portrait [6]: The Shape of a Girl


    Play: The Shape of a Girl || Playwright: Joan McLeod
    Shoot: Verdun || Model: Jennifer Roberts

    BRAIDIE: And there we are. A group of girls – just like me and Adrienne and Jackie and Amber. A group of girls with hair and jeans and jackets. They are not waving, they are drowning . And this group of girls on TV just starts waving, right on cue. Weird I’m thinking. This is highly weird.

    And what feels even stranger is that the picture is actually clear for once, from the neck down at least. But their faces are blurry, smudged, almost as though someone has taken an eraser and tried to rub them out.

    The Shape of a Girl was first produced by Green Thumb Theatre in Vancouver in 2001.

    Tableau Portrait is a series of 10 theatrical snapshots borrowed from contemporary plays and poetry. Captured in public or semi-public spaces throughout the greater Montréal area, portraits shall be published between between April 20th and August 29th, 2014.

    The experiment relies on the participation of volunteer actors/models. Prior acting experience is not necessary and participants of all sizes, ages, abilities and race are encouraged to participate.

    Interested participants are asked to contact Mathieu Murphy-Perron via e-mail at or over Twitter, @matness.