Tableau Portrait : Lawrence & Holloman

    Tableau Portrait [10]: Lawrence & Holloman


    Play: Lawrence & Holloman || Playwright: Morris Panych
    Shoot: Parc Mackenzie-King|| Models: David Paluch, Keith Waterfield

    HOLLOMAN and LAWRENCE with brown bag lunches

    LAWRENCE: White bread and baloney?

    HOLLOMAN: Maybe.

    LAWRENCE: Not maybe. You are a white bread and baloney type of guy. I mean — Holloman. Look at you. Have you ever thought of doing anything unpredictable? Ever?

    HOLLOMAN: You mean — like… mustard?

    LAWRENCE: With your life, Holloman. Your life.

    Lawrence & Holloman was first presented at Tarragon Theatre in Toronto in 1998.

    Tableau Portrait is a series of 10 theatrical snapshots borrowed from contemporary plays and poetry. Captured in public or semi-public spaces throughout the greater Montréal area, portraits shall be published between between April 20th and August 29th, 2014.

    The experiment relies on the participation of volunteer actors/models. Prior acting experience is not necessary and participants of all sizes, ages, abilities and race are encouraged to participate.

    Interested participants are asked to contact Mathieu Murphy-Perron via e-mail at or over Twitter, @matness.