Tableau Portrait : Parallel lines

    Tableau Portrait [3]: Parallel lines


    Play: Parallel lines || Playwright: Ann Lambert
    Shoot: Café Bloom || Models: Jorge Briceno, Alice Bolan

    LINDA: I mean, do you know how many people in this city …no … this planet make a living serving people? It’s scary … Notdoing anything, not producing anything useful, not creating something … except enough money to claw their way to another day. Claw their way to another day … I like that! It’s not like those suits on Wall Street do anything either. They just chase bits of paper around, and make a fortune. Go figure. And … and … when they get nervous? When they panic, ’cause they’re like sheep, they all scare at the same time … the rest of the world has to pay for it. I know … my dad was in the business. Drank himself to the Big Stock Exchange In the Sky. Us … service people have got to organize. Everyone else is …organized. That bastard has fired an army since I worked there. No job security. No benefits. You break a leg and they may as well shoot you. It’s just such a piss-off. Listen to me. Do you even know what “piss off” means?

    RAMON: Not the words exactly, but the feeling is clear.

    Parallel lines was first produced by the University of Oklahoma.

    Tableau Portrait is a series of 10 theatrical snapshots borrowed from contemporary plays and poetry. Captured in public or semi-public spaces throughout the greater Montréal area, portraits shall be published between between April 20th and August 29th, 2014.

    The experiment relies on the participation of volunteer actors/models. Prior acting experience is not necessary and participants of all sizes, ages, abilities and race are encouraged to apply.

    Interested participants are asked to contact Mathieu Murphy-Perron via e-mail at or over Twitter, @matness.




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