Disney Staff

    Disney Staff


    Jacob and Vicki talk about Vicki’s recent family vacation to theme parks in California, where she became an honorary citizen of Disneyland.

    The line up is not the ride, but it is part of the ride.

    What is the audience experience of ‘being there’ at the theatre? Let’s talk about entertaining.

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    Theme song of episode: The Staff by Multifaros

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    About the Author

    Laurel Green is a dramaturg, director and producer. Artistic Associate at Alberta Theatre Projects (@atplive) in Calgary, she works in new play development, production dramaturgy, programming, and creating events for ATP’s Exchange audience series. Laurel is a board member for the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (@LMDAmericas) Canada chapter. She often works as a freelancer and she loves hosting secret performances in her backyard.