We Do Things

    We Do Things


    SWS Podcast 04

    Wherein Jacob and Adrienne talk about how much a person can do, what “the audience” wants and the pros and cons of independent theatre festivals for developing new work.  iTunes | RSS
    They also talk about:
    • the benefits of leaving hang-out space when programming cultural events,
    • whether David Mamet is a cheery sort of guy,
    • different forms of community theatre,
    • the importance of doing it yourself,
    • starting where people are,
    • the relative merits of patronage,
    • crowd-sourced funding,
    • Adrienne’s approach to writing Final Reports,
    • Jacob’s waves of Vancouver-envy, and
    • when the audience’s experience of a show begins.
    Tune in another time when Adrienne and Jacob re-discuss topics they had to cut from this podcast including their perceived differences between theatre practice in Vancouver and Toronto and applying research-based design principles to devising theatre.