SpiderWebShow: Commission 2.5 – David Yee

    SpiderWebShow: Commission 2.5 – David Yee


    dark body moves with

    equine grace and power

    the noon sun forfeits

    to a shadow behind her.

    nothing leads her,

    all of nature follows,

    dusk and nightfall trail

    in her burning wake.

    dark sun pursued by

    dark ignominious tide,

    plumes of disgraced smoke

    from the righteous embers

    of a cigarette

    and this

    penny dreadful




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    About the Author

    David Yee is the Artistic Director of fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company in Toronto. Mainly a playwright, his work has been pseudo-enjoyed by audiences in Toronto, Calgary, New York, Washington, Philadelphia and London. A Hapa of Chinese/Scottish background, he recently won the 2015 Governor General's Literary Award for his play 'carried away on the crest of a wave' about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.