Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions


Call for Submissions – FOLDA 2021

This call out is now closed.

Deadline for Submissions: 5pm MT on December 15, 2020
Curators: Adrienne Wong, Michael Wheeler, Sarah Garton Stanley

SpiderWebShow Performance is seeking proposals for works-in-progress to be presented at the 2021 edition of FOLDA and the Start Up. 

Our Mission

The Festival of Live Digital Art exists to support artists creating theatre in a digital age. Digital culture and its impact on other art forms moves quickly. From year to year FOLDA presents dynamic and changing answers to the question: Who are the professional artists creating live digital performance today and what are they up to? At FOLDA 2021 we are deeply curious about this question: 

  • How can we make and experience live performance in this new reality, separate, but together? 
  • How are artists using digital tools and live performance to provoke progressive change?

FOLDA is offered by-donation.

Iterative Programming

FOLDA began in 2018 in Kingston, Ontario. It has grown each year since its inception and continues to seek new and innovative ways of supporting digital practice. We’ve grown quickly over the past 2 years and are grateful for the continued support of our audiences. 

The festival incorporates a three-stage iterative development model borrowed from software design to present and engage with these works:

ALPHA: Performances in their earliest stages, ready for internal testing, but require audience feedback to spark the next stage of development.

BETA: Performances ready for public testing to refine the audience experience.

GO: Performances ready for production release. Audience input contributes to improvements and bug fixes just like your favourite app.

This call for submissions is for Alpha and Beta stage proposals. But if you have a GO let us know!

  • Works in ALPHA one year, can return to FOLDA to as a GO the following year. 
  • Works in BETA can be picked up by other presenters to be GO at other festivals.
  • We aim to be an exciting incubator for an emerging art form where audience feedback plays a key role throughout the creative process.

This approach makes FOLDA unique by providing artists with creative opportunities that support work in various stages of development, matching the demands of how digitally-engaged performance is created. It allows presenters the opportunity to engage with and track work throughout their development process, offering more organic and informed partnerships to develop works beyond the festival.

We are curating work that is inventive and iterative; and artists who are using live performance to make change and promote social and political revolution. All proposals must engage with or be presented using digital technologies, and have a synchronous, live performance element. We are particularly interested in works using VR Chat, AltSpace or other VR platforms, as well as web-based platforms other than Zoom. 

Selected projects will be presented as Alpha or Beta during FOLDA and the Start Up professional development and industry series. SWS provides an artist fee, technical, production, and promotional support.

For reference please refer to programming for FOLDA 2020 here.

Submission Guidelines

Alpha and Beta stage projects (but like we said, if you have a GO please keep us posted)

Deadline: 5:00pm MT on December 15, 2020

Here’s what you’ll find in the form:
    Name and contact information for the lead artist. Names of any collaborators, organizations or partners. Websites, Twitter handles, etc.
  2. ARTISTIC PRACTICE (250 words max)
    Tell us about who you are and what you make. What are you interested in? What are your influences? What brought you to making this project?
  3. THE PROJECT (250 words max)
    Tell us about the project you are proposing. How does it work? What is it about? What can the audience expect from the experience? What do you know? What do you not know?
  4. ITERATION (250 words max)
    Tell us about how iterating the piece will benefit the development of your project? What aspect are you trying to prototype? What do you hope to learn?
  5. COLLABORATORS (500 words max)
    Who is on the artistic team? Why?
  6. SUPPORT MATERIAL (optional)
    Do you have any audio or visual materials that will give us a sense of what you’re working on?
    Use this space to share any critical information we need to know about your project.
Reading Fee

A $20 reading fee paid to SWS Performance using PayPal or via e-transfer to This fee helps support the future of our submission process and the health and well-being of our by-donation festival. (Thank-you!)

If you have any questions or difficulties with your application, or if you need an alternate form of submission (recorded audio/video, etc) please contact: Adrienne Wong



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With firm footing in performing arts practice and community building, I'm curious and passionate about change, systems, and participation. I'm a producer and an artist. I value collaboration, efficiency, and resourcefulness. Currently Artistic Director of Kingston-based SpiderWebShow Performance, which includes co-curating and producing the Festival of Live Digital Art (FOLDA). During eight years as Artistic Producer of Neworld Theatre, I collaborated with colleagues to found PL 1422, a shared rehearsal and administration hub in East Vancouver, as well as shepherding the creation and production of over 80 live events – including a series of 11 "podplays" audio plays before podplays were cool. In 2015, I was the inaugural artist in residence on CBC Radio’s q based on my digital project The Apology Generator. My formal training is in arts creation and producing, and I have practical experience managing production projects, festivals, and special events. I'm functionally bilingual in English and French. I'm a parent, a gardener, a cook and have recently started running.